New Body of Work

New Body of Work


I’ve been working on a new body of work by coiling vessels. I’ve tried lots of different clays, firing temperatures and been making and experimenting with a lot of new glazes. 

Artist Statement

 My current body of work started with missing mountains and hills in my home country. 

I started out making functional small pots that I called mountain pots. They doubled as vases for the flowers I grow. 

I recently started to work on a larger scale and while creating the pieces by coiling the clay, the process of making gave me feelings of comfort. The pieces formed themselves and as I added more coils, the shapes would become apparent. There is a certain control at the beginning of making each piece which then gives way to the touch and feel of the clay in my hands. 

Each piece morphs into the shape as it is being made and embodies the fond feeling I have for my favorite places. 

Once the form is made they get shaped a little more which molds them into their final form. 

Each one's surface is smoothed and scraped and the crackle glaze is added like a protective coat. 



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