About Us

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them"- Henri Matisse


Carole Smith in her studio.

Photo credit Trish Badger Photography

McCheek’s Studio is my ceramics studio in the Houston Heights, founded in 2010 by me - Carole Smith of McCheeks Mayhem Ceramics. 

I teach hand building clay classes and workshops and also make my own range (McCheek’s Mayhem Ceramics) of functional ceramics, including planters, vases, cups and other homewares which you can purchase through the website and from the studio. 

I started my ceramics journey as a teenager growing up in Scotland and continued to work with clay for my ceramics degree and postgraduate in London. 

The excitement of opening the kiln to reveal what magic has happened inside has never left me and I am keen to pass this on to others, along with the soothing power of hands on clay and the ability to transform a soft lump of clay into something beautiful and functional.

I am also really into plants, for both indoors and outdoors and I love a wide variety of music. You can listen to some of my playlists below.


 Photo credit : Susan Simmons Photography