Botanical Altars Workshop

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Thursdays 4th and 11th April 7-9.30pm

Join us for two nights of pressing plants, leaves and flowers into clay. 
WE will be making altars/shelves and some small dishes. You will have your own unique pieces by the end of the two weeks. 

The first Thursday we’ll begin by joining and shaping our shelves and dishes and adding pressed botanicals. 
After they’ve been fired the second week we’ll add color and glaze. 

Everyone can make their own individual one off pieces which will be a lovely collection for displaying and using once they’re all finished.

Feel free to bring your favorite herbs, leaves and botanicals.  

We will have a good selection to use from McCheek's garden.
We’ll provide the bubbly and you’re welcome to bring snacks!

The workshop takes place at

McCheek’s Studio

619 West 9th St

Houston TX 77007